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How we can help you!

We would like to assist you as a professional partner from the planning stage right through to the implementation and completion of your courts.

To achieve this, we encourage personal contact with you as such discussions can be used to cater to your wishes and to address just how they can be put into practice.

For this reason, we would ask you to inform us of your plans, either by e-mail or on the phone. We will get back to you immediately.Exclusive importer for Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Russia

Exclusive importer for Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Russia.

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Hradec Králové

Janis Vlachopulos
Tel.: +420 731 443 501
E-mail: janis@eurotenn.cz

Who or what is CANADA TENN ®?Canada-Tenn

We, the Schrenk corporate group from Hof, are the manufacturers of CANADA TENN ® and have been working in the mineral processing sector for over 100 years.

More than 20 years ago, we set ourselves the challenge to improve the successful American green clay surface and adapt it to optimally suit our European climate.

Our CANADATENN ® tennis court surface is the result.

Today, we are the market leader thanks to over 100 years of experience. We are proud to offer you our high-quality product that has been tested and proven over time.

ITF Specification: "F" - Clay - Fast dry - Unbound mineral aggregate. More on ITF website


Canada-TennAdvantages of CANADA TENN ®!


  • CANADA TENN ® courts have surfacing recognised by the German Tennis Federation (DTB).
  • CANADA TENN ® courts only require a minor spring overhaul. To create optimum playing conditions, the court must simply be cleaned and any recesses filled in, or possibly replenished with additional material. Following this, the court must be rolled.
  • CANADA TENN ® courts have a very long service life.
  • CANADA TENN ® is extremely low-maintenance: thanks to the binder, any damage can be eliminated within a short period of time.
  • The composition of CANADA TENN ® allows for quick and inexpensive repair should damage occur.
  • With its FAST DRY SYSTEM, CANADA TENN ® courts can provide one to two months of extended play per year.
  • CANADA TENN ® is gentle on your joints as the body's energy is absorbed in the surfacing.
  • CANADA TENN ® allows for non-slip starting and precise sliding.
  • CANADA TENN ® has a maximum grain size of under 2 mm and creates a harmonious surface which leads to precise ball bouncing behaviour and optimum stability.
  • CANADA TENN ® is made of wear and frost-resistant material which creates practically no dust and does not leave any permanent marks on tennis shoes, clothing or equipment.
  • CANADA TENN ® courts have the advantage that the surface does not deteriorate, particularly after heavy rain and the freeze-thaw period. The density of the surface allows for faster water drainage.
  • Thanks to these qualities, CANADA TENN ® has also proven itself to be the right choice for indoor courts.
E-mail: janis@eurotenn.cz, tel: +420 731 443 501